From Amma With Love

Oorulakizhungu Podimaas

Potato Podimas

5 to 6 red medium potatoes 

1/4 cup cashew nuts

1 tsp. vegetable oil 

1 tsp. black mustard seeds 

1/2 tsp. urad daal

2 dried red chili pepper, broken into 2-3 pieces.

1 sprig curry leaves

1 green chili pepper, finely chopped

1 inch piece of ginger, finely chopped 

1 tbs. lemon juice

salt to taste

Cut the potatoes into 4 to 8 pieces and boil them.

Roast the cashew nuts, make them brown.

Heat oil in a heavy saucepan with high heat and add the mustard seeds, urad daal, dried red chili pepper, and curry leaves, and when mustard seeds pop turn off the heat and set aside this mixture.

Put the boiled potatoes in a bowl and mash them really well.

Add the roasted cashew nuts, the the mixture above, add with the green chili pepper, ginger, and salt, mix well with the potatoes.

Add lemon juice last and mix well.